A view on how Computational Social Scientists see money in a digital world

The concept of money has evolved over centuries. Concurrently with this evolution, society’s psychological and social relationship to money has evolved from the original “philosophy of money.” Little did we know how things would change. Bartering is the exchange of items of perceived similar value, which was the main method of transacting before the progression

Finding Predictive Solutions

We are launching a platform that will focus on solutions that drive client engagement through predictive behavioral change modeling. This require an understanding of the key vectors that influence financial and digital behaviors. Client Pulse Responder ecosystem.Ai empowers business leaders to engage with customers in a highly effective multi-channel communications model. Transforming customer data into

Changing Relationship Needs of Financial Clients

Life Stage Events Clients move through life in broad phases and these often relate to financial needs. Transaction requirements might change slightly, but often forms the basis of long term engagement with the transaction provider. This could be seen as a consumer relationship where the ‘disappearing’ payments platforms enable transactions through mobility and app enabled

Machine Learning and Banking

Artificial Intelligence is gaining traction as many parts of the traditional banking process get automated with intelligent algorithms. Machine Learning is often seen as a different area of research in the field of AI, but realistically the entire machine intelligence world is exploding. On Machine Learning: We might see supervised, unsupervised and re-enforcement learning as